The Birthing Plan


The Birthing Plan is an intensive 6-month program designed to equip women with the tools they need to realize that they are PREGNANT with purpose, PUSH past their pain & DELIVER  the dreams and passions that are down inside their bellies. 

It is a journey through the 3 figurative trimesters of pregnancy, as well as the pre-natal and post natal phases. Each participant receives The Birthing Plan workbook which includes reflective and productive activities and homework. The participants are impacted through 3 monthly touch points: group appointments led by the midwife, individual strategy calls and webinars led by industry experts.

By the completion of the program, the women birth what they have been trying to push out for years. For some it is businesses or books. For others, it may just be walking in their purpose and maximizing their skillsets. Beyond that, the ladies form bonds with their “wombmates” that turn into lasting friendships and accountability partnerships.

The Sip 'N See

The Birthing Plan culminates with a Sip ‘N See celebration. This is where the women invite their family and friends out to share about the journey they have been on and show off what they birthed. Why? Because babies are to be celebrated!