Quit Praying!

A few months ago, I shared with my social media family that I led my daddy to Christ. It was a celebratory moment for me, but more than that, it was a huge sigh of relief. Of course, for the obvious reason of me wanting to ensure that my daddy spent his eternal days walking beautiful streets of gold versus the alternative. But my sigh of relief was also weighed with the fact that I had finally had a conversation that God had been nudging me to have for months. Let me give you a little background so you understand…

I have a personal prayer board that I keep in my room. The board is covered with prayer requests for my family, close friends, and my big dreams. For some time, the prayer request at the top of that board said, “Daddy’s Salvation.” One day, God stopped me mid-prayer and told me to remove that card from the board. I was a bit taken aback because I thought that that is what He wanted me to do. Praying without ceasing. Asking for what I want. Interceding for others. Making my requests known to God. Nonetheless, I removed the card and stuck it into my prayer journal.

God is Waiting on Me

The very next day, I was reading one of my favorite books, Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson. Day #28 was entitled “Quit Praying.” Yea, that’s how I was looking too! Batterson wrote, “We are called to pray about everything, but there comes a time when praying can be a form of disobedience, laziness, or negligence. We can’t just pray like it depends on God; we also must work like it depends on us.” That’s when it hit me like that first slap of biting, Chicago wind when you step out on a sub-zero day. I was praying about something that I had the power to do something about. I never even had a conversation with my daddy about his beliefs or salvation. I wasn’t waiting on God; He was waiting on me.

Now, this should be the part of the story where I tell you about that joyous moment when we talked and I shared my faith, my daddy prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and all was well in the land of the living. Umm hmm. But, should is the operative word in that sentence. The truth is that for months–yes, I said months–I carried around my little index card with “Daddy’s Salvation” written on it, never doing anything with it. If I am brutally honest, every morning I would wake up thanking God that He kept my daddy alive because I hadn’t done what I was supposed to do. The thought of him dying and going to hell was too much for my little conscious to handle. Yet, I still did nothing.

God Wants to Help Me

About 2 months after my revelation, I traveled to Georgia where he lives. I was certain that I would finally handle that looming piece of business. Instead, I boarded my plane back home with “Daddy’s Salvation” tucked deep in my purse. A few more months of this personal torment and I finally asked God for His help. I wasn’t sure why it was so hard for me, but I was certain that I had to deal with it. So, I asked God to give me the courage to have the conversation and give me the perfect moment to do so. I also gave myself a deadline. I refused to let another week pass without securing my daddy’s ticket to paradise.

The morning that I called him, we were having our usual chat about life, current events, my kids, the weather and whatever else we could think. As he always does, he began wrapping up the conversation with, “Okay, baby girl…” For a split second, I convinced myself that this must not be the right time. But God immediately sent that courage that I prayed for and I interrupted him. “Actually, Daddy, I have been wanting to talk to you about something…”

My Obedience Is Bigger Than Me

That day, my daddy said yes to Jesus and even though it wasn’t some grand moment where a choir was singing the background soundtrack and thousands of people were giving standing ovations with thunderous claps, it still ranks as one of the best days of my life. Surely, it is one of his too!

What’s most interesting is that it was almost as if he had been waiting for me to call him. He said that he had been praying about a specific situation regarding a family member and the next day he was going to have to minister to her. (Now he didn’t use minister, but that’s what I heard. LOL) Feeling unsure that he was qualified to do that, he was going to back out. But after talking with me and accepting Jesus, he had the reassurance that he needed. Imagine if I didn’t make that call. I could have held up what God was trying to do through my daddy for someone else.

If you made it this far, first off, I rock with you! More importantly, take this lesson with you: Always remember that your obedience to what God is calling you to do is always much bigger than you. Whatever you are lacking that is keeping you from obeying, ask God to give it to you. And He will!

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