This is the podcast for winners! God wants you to win so He shares all the good “game” with you! “Game” is essentially the information that you need to win at this thing called life. And contrary to what we have been taught, the game is to told! Join me as I share that good, good game. Listen to all the episodes here!

Too Dope to Be Broke Podcast

Join Too Dope To Be Broke hosts CJ & Kim and their guest Kristen R Harris as they tackle the challenges of keeping your faith while going through uncertain times. Also learn how to balance “maximizing this time vs. trusting/resting in God.

The Black Women's Expo -Chicago

God Put Me Up On Game: The Live Experience

Voyage Chicago Magazine Feature

My journey here has been a pretty interesting and surprising one. For as long as I can remember, I have been an entrepreneur. Read more…

Cool Soror Podcast w/ Rashan Ali

This Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta grew up in environment plagued with poverty, violence and drugs but was determined to make a better life for herself.  And Kristen carved her way one step at a time. Listen to the full interview here

Operation Fix My Life w/ Lynee` Urban

Author & Spiritual Midwife, Kristen R. Harris discusses the various stages of pushing past what is holding you back from giving birth to the purpose that God has implanted in you.

Take the Lead w/ 40 Under 40

“Take the Lead: A Call to Action for Women to Maximize Their God-given Influence” hosted by the 40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League discussed The 8 HABITS OF AN INFLUENTIAL PERSON with  featured host Kristen R. Harris. Listen here