In this follow-up to her acclaimed God Put Me Up On Game, Volume 1, Kristen R. Harris shares her most vulnerable moments with God as told on the pages of her personal prayer journals. Her desire is that her openness will help you discover how beautiful conversations with the Father can drastically change your life. You can encounter Him in ways that you never imagined before just by allowing His Spirit to flow through your pen. Whether you have been walking with God for decades or you are just setting foot on this most rewarding journey, God Put Me Up On Game, The Prayer Journal is sure to ignite a deeper passion for prayer and intimate communion with the Lord. Purchase your copy here.

Game is essentially the information required to win at this thing called life and God wants to share His Game with you! His vessel, Kristen R. Harris, openly writes of her personal experiences and the precious Game that was garnered from those circumstances. In the first volume of God Put Me Up On Game, Kristen takes her readers on a journey through the good, the bad and the ugly of childhood, marriage and everything in between. She gives so freely of the Game because God so freely gave it to her. Come inside these pages and let God put you up on some of this good, good game! Purchase your copy here.

It is no easy feat living an extraordinary life as an extraordinary woman. With everything that you must expend to be you, it is imperative that you invest time in replenishing all that you are pouring out. Inevitably, you are going to face some challenges that will threaten to undo the very fabric of your womanhood. However, with God at the helm of your life journey and women who have overcome similar challenges, you can conquer anything. EmpowerMoments for the Everyday Woman is your personal small army of sisters who were sent to share how they overcame so that you too can win. This collection of intimate devotionals is designed to positively impact you as a woman. Take a moment daily to EMPOWER your womanhood! Purchase your copy here.

Queens Turn Pain Into Power is a collection of stories of women that have overcome adversity, faced their fears and conquered entrepreneurship. Stories of women that have faced disappointment, financial hardships, divorce, being a single parent, lack of support, prison sentences, battles with cancer and more. They continued to push and achieve their dreams. All the things that were meant to deter them made them stronger. Purchase your copy here

The little people that you are responsible for did not come to this earth with a user manual. However, we were given God’s word and His example of parenting to model. With that, you can grow into the mother that God designed you to be. EmpowerMoments for the Everyday Mom will help you on that journey. Take a moment daily to EMPOWER your motherhood! Purchase your copy here

This interactive workbook provides 5 actionable steps that you can do TODAY that lead you to your purpose. It is time to start living life ON PURPOSE and not just by happenstance! Click here to download your copy! 

High school is supposed to be about making good grades, developing new relationships and preparing for the next stage of life. However, as the young ladies in It’s Just High School discovered, high school presented challenges beyond their wildest imagination. Kristen’s contribution to this compilation is one of her most transparent and raw testimonies ever. These stories will inspire your high schooler to get through whatever they are facing. Order your copy here.