I can help you PUSH & deliver RESULTS!


The Birthing Plan is an intensive program designed to equip you with the tools you need to birth your dreams. You journey through the 3 figurative phases of pregnancy and get to the root of why you have been unable to push past fear, self-doubt and anything else holding you back.


The Scribe Tribe Publishing Group is an independent, full-service publishing firm
created to help you accomplish your dream
of becoming a published author. We help you
write, publish, market and sell books.


This is the podcast for winners! God wants you to win so He shares all the good “game” with you. “Game” is essentially the information that you need to win at this thing called life. And contrary to what we have been taught, the game is to told!


...Because it was my story

I know what it is feels to be stuck doing something in life that you are not passionate about or purposed for. I also know how hard it is to move outside of your comfort zone because, well, it is comfortable. I let all of the what ifs-- what if this doesn't work, what if no one buys this, what if I really cannot do this, what if I sound stupid, what if I am not successful--keep me stagnant for 8 years.

I spent 8 years of my life talking myself out living life on purpose. I guess God got tired of me standing at the cliff waiting to jump, so He pushed me. With a gravely ill baby in one hand and a pink slip in the other, I knew that it was time to push past everything that had ever held me back and go boldly toward my dreams.

Eight years later, I have helped countless women move beyond their pain zones and start living life on purpose. I have published 6 books and traveled the world helping other women accomplish their dreams of becoming published authors. I have launched several successful businesses and assisted other women entrepreneurs with birthing their ventures.

Now, I share all the tools and strategies that helped me get out of my own way. Mama Midwife is here to help you PUSH, girl! It is time to deliver!

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Rodnisha Anderson

Rodnisha L. Anderson

From helping me become a published author to helping me push out my baby, YOU Are Welcome: The Heartbeat of Hospitality, (a customer service consulting & training company) via The Birthing Plan program, Kristen has been the catalyst of upgrade to my life. She uses effective, proven strategies that inspire women, but more importantly push them into motion that creates tangible results. Kristen has an innate ability to ignite passion that produces purpose. Every time I meet a woman that seems to be stagnant, I tell her you need to meet Kristen R. Harris.

Kentavia Johnson

I knew for a long time that my journey coming into motherhood was a story to be shared with the world. However, I lacked the confidence, direction and courage to open up and actually share it. Working with The Birthing Plan equipped me with everything I needed to stop being fearful and push my book out. Kristen's assistance is part of the reason that I have stepped out from the shadows and am walking boldly in my purpose.

Tanika McBee

For me, The Birthing Plan delivered (pun intended) as promised! Throughout the plan, I was able to delve into areas of starting and maintaining a successful business that I had not thought about before on my own. I looked forward to our class time, especially those days I really needed that PUSH. You could feel God working in the room! I’m thankful that God led Kristen to push numerous women into their destiny. I still haven’t used everything I received, but I’m grateful for the experience and the lifelong sisterhood!


You are full of potential and purpose, but you haven’t pushed that baby (that book, that business, that new you, that thing that keeps waking you up every night) out yet. It’s not because you don’t want to, you just don’t know how. I am here to equip you with the tools to get unstuck. You are are PREGNANT with purpose and it’s time to PUSH past your pain and DELIVER what God has promised you! #PushGirlPush