Kristen R. Harris, Women's Empowerment

Helping women live on purpose and grow into everything that God created them to be. 

  1. Author
    What women are feeling and don't know how to express, I convey through words.
  2. Speaker
    Passionately, I connect with my audience and inspire change.
  3. God's Girl
    I recognize that because our Daddy is the King, we are princesses and should act and be treated as royalty.
Kristen R. Harris, Women's Empowerment Speaker, Chicago, Purpose Driven Life, Author

Every woman is full of potential and purpose. However, most do not know how to get everything out that is inside of them. My purpose is to help women draw it out by equipping them with the tools they need to get unstuck. 
I like to think of myself as a midwife. I help women realize that they are PREGNANT with purpose and help them PUSH past their pain to DELIVER what God has promised them!